Our Pet Food Philosophy


Today, dogs have it pretty good. Far better than their cousin, the wolf. Since their domestication, dogs have pawed their way into our hearts and have become part of the family. Although their outward appearance has changed through the centuries; dogs remain wolves on the inside. In fact, dogs share over 99% mitochondrial DNA of the Gray wolf and are close relatives to the Tundra and Timber wolf.   Like wolves, dogs are carnivores designed to eat meat based, quality protein diets.   Being omnivores, we are designed to eat both meat and grains. Carnivores, on the other hand, are not designed to eat grains and require a meat based diet with quality protein for optimal health.  It is very easy to forget this fact when you see your beloved pet wagging his tail with joy when you come home or rolling on his back looking for a belly rub.

Grains like wheat, wheat-gluten, corn, corn-gluten and brewers rice that are often found in national brands offer far less, and in some cases, little nutritional value and are inferior sources of protein and fat.  In many national brands they are nothing more than an inexpensive fillers. Grains like oatmeal, whole grain brown rice and barley are acceptable when used in reasonable amounts as a kibble  binder.   Foods where corn or wheat are used as a source of protein is not optimal for your dog. Corn and wheat are used for two reasons and two reasons only: they are cheap and readily available. Corn and wheat are incomplete protein sources lacking key amino acids dogs require for optimal health.  Protein derived from muscle and organ meat are far superior and more digestible than corn, wheat or any grain.   In addition to the fact that the corn and wheat used in pet foods are often  inexpensive by-products of human food production that offer little nutritional value; they have become common allergens for dogs.   It is for these reasons that All Paws Pet Center does not offer any foods that contain corn, wheat or glutens.   We carefully select only quality meat based foods with minimal grains. Many of the foods we offer have no grains at all! We do not allow any foods that have by-products, artificial colors or preservatives and any ingredients of questionable origin.

Protein source and content is arguably the most important factor when choosing a food for your furry, four legged family members. The use of synthetic vitamins is a key factor in determining the overall quality of a food. We avoid brands that use synthetic ingredients as their primary source for vitamins and minerals. The nutritional value of synthetic vitamins are greatly diminished during the cooking process.  Fruits and vegetables like apples, blueberries, pumpkin, cranberries carrots and yucca provide superior vitamin and mineral benefit and are far less affected by heat.

The use of probiotics (the good bacteria) in your dog’s diet is a great digestion aid. You are probably familiar with the acidophilus bacteria found in yogurt.  Acidophilus, casei and other key bacteria can be found in all of the foods we offer with the exception of one. Carnivores such as dogs and cats have a lot of enzymes and acids in their stomachs and saliva to break down and digest raw meat. Probiotics work in conjunction with these enzymes to aid digestion.

In addition to protein content and source, synthetic vitamins and probiotics; we use a stringent criteria to evaluate foods we recommend to our four legged customers. Use of low quality ingredients and their origin, manufacturing process and value are all considered when adding a food to our offering.   We have the best offering of quality pet foods in Wichita with a food for every budget.  We sell nothing we would not feed our own pets! We have done all the research so you can rest assured that when you shop at All Paws you are getting a quality food free of wheat, corn, glutens, by-products, artificial colors and preservatives, fillers and ingredients of questionable quality and origin.

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