All Paws Pet Center Adoptions

All Paws Pet Center will not sell animals. We will not do anything that directly or indirectly perpetuates the puppy mill industry. Sadly, in Wichita thousands of potential pets are euthanized needlessly each year out of necessity while thousands are bred in area puppy mills and sold to unknowing owners who are simply looking for a family pet.  Did you know that Kansas is one of six “puppy mill” states identified by the U.S. Humane Society? If you have decided that a pure bred pet is for you; there’s a good chance you can fine one at an area shelter or rescue.  There are many area breed specific rescues.  Go online and check these rescues out before you buy.  If you decide to buy from a breeder, please make sure they are reputable.  Click HERE  to learn about puppy mills and how to avoid them.

It is our goal to help secure a loving and caring home for every dog and cat in Wichita.  We proudly support all local shelters, rescues and adoption agencies that share  in our dedication  of giving every dog and cat the opportunity to be a loving pet.  Local shelters and dog adoption agencies showcase a variety of dogs available for adoption on Saturdays and Sundays in our stores.

Please call for our pet adoption showcase times and dates



Adoptions Resources

Below are companies that provide pet adoptions.