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Feeding a Raw Diet on a Budget

Postsed: 2/4/2015 Feeding a raw diet is more affordable than you think.  All Paws has many options for all budgets.   READ MORE

Fermented Fish Stock

Postsed: 6/10/2014 Fermented Fish Stock – Answers Pet Food  Additional Fermented Fish Stock for Dogs & Cats Fish stock, and ground fermented sardines. Q: What will Fermented Fish Stock do for my pet’s ... READ MORE

Raw Milk

Postsed: 10/4/2013 The History of Raw Milk Raw milk: purposely designed and prepared by nature as food. Documentation of milk used for human consumption dates back to before Christ (BC). The Cretans consumed ... READ MORE

What is a Systemic Yeast Infection (SYI)?

Postsed: 10/3/2013 A normal healthy Gut in an animal (or person) is protected by, and operates properly due to, a very fine coating referred to as the FLORA.  This Flora is made up of many billions of super tiny ... READ MORE

Diet & Behavior, a Dog Trainers Perspective

Postsed: 10/2/2013 Nutrition is now recognized as having great implication on canine behavior, longevity and overall good health. Wendy Volhard started her journey into canine nutrition in 1973 when her 6 yr old ... READ MORE