Pet Food Brands We Carry

We pride ourselves in offering the best selection of holistic, grain-free and raw diets in Wichita.  Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing our customers the accurate information they need to make informed choices on feeding their pets. We do not allow any of our foods to contain, wheat, corn, bi-products, fillers, artificial colors, preservatives or any low quality ingredient.  Your pet is completely dependent upon you to feed them a quality food for a long and healthy life.  Feeding your pet a high quality food costs a lot less than you think.  Stop in and see how you can feed your pet a quality, holistic  food for the same price as the heavily advertised brands found in the big box stores.  Samples are always available to allow your pet to taste the difference so they can try before you buy.  Our pet foods come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Whether you have a pet with food allergies, diabetes, dry skin, is overweight or simply want to provide an optimal diet for a long, healthy life; we have the right diet for your pet here at All Paws Pet Center.